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NEW VisionRGB-E2S Video Capture Card


Datapath Ltd today announced the general availability of its VisionRGB-E2S dual channel HD video capture card for high performance visualisation solutions.

The VisionRGB-E2S is an upgraded version of the popular VisionRGB-E2 card, which has become de facto standard for professional AV applications in many different market areas such as control room display controllers, telepresence systems, e-learning and medical imaging.

The Vision RGB-E2S card increases the all important system data throughput from 480 MBytes/s to a full 650 MBytes/s. This enables the card to deliver increased up date rates to system memory for any particular capture resolution and colour depth. Fox example this enables the transfer of full HD (1080p) captures at 60 frames per second from both channels simultaneously in YUV 4:2:2 format, or a single channel of PC graphics at 1920×1200 60Hz in true colour (RGB 8:8:8).

Used in conjunction with Datapath Image range of graphics cards, the VisionRGB-E2S transfer data directly to the graphics card thereby increasing system performance. Datapath’s expertise in low level system integration enables solutions with low power consumption and high packing density for large systems.

Datapath Vision RGB-E2S Key Features and benefits:

  • Direct Show Streaming Driver support – for use in a wide variety of windows applications
  • On card processor for real time mode detection – for trouble free connection to a wide variety of video sources
  • Support for multiple capture channels with multiple cards per system – enabling large systems with many sources to be captured in large video wall systems
  • High performance DMA to system memory or direct to graphics memory with scatter gather – allowing for low latency fast frame rates in all applications.
  • High quality scaling – for a great visual experience
  • Support for YUV 4:2:2, RGB5:5:5, 5:6:5, 8:8:8 video output formats – making the VisionRGB-E2S compatible with a wide variety of systems
  • 16 cropping windows per capture channel – providing different views on captured images on a single wall, or in multi screen setups.
  • Datapath Wall Control support and SDK – for trouble free upgrade from VisionRGB-E2 and usage in Datapath display controllers


Bjorn Krylander, CEO at Datapath commented – “This is another product which we are proud to launch after working with customers to understand their diverse requirements. Partnering and listening to our customers is what drives our development.”

The Datapath VisionRGB-E2S comes with Datapath’s normal Warranty of 3 years, and effective customer support options.

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