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Next-generation video wall controllers released for command and control rooms

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Datapath, world-leading engineers of visual solutions, is unveiling its next-generation series of VSN video wall controllers for applications demanding high performance and reliability. Established and proven in command and control room environments on any scale, VSN controllers have received a number of important upgrades that deliver greater efficiency than the previous-generation product. As a result, many new advantages are now available to markets such as security, military, utilities, airport and traffic management.

The new VSN972 and VSN1172 wall controllers features the latest 7th generation Intel® Corei7 processor. Furthermore, switched fabric technology ensures that each Gen3 PCIe slot in the 9 or 11 slot backplane is capable of delivering high-resolution bandwidth from a range of capture cards to multiple outputs. System memory has also been expanded to support up to 32GB.

Datapath VSN 900 and 1100 series wall controllers can now be supplied with either 240 or 480GB SSD drives that provide a much quicker, quieter performance over traditional hard-disk drives. Modifications to the chassis design also help improve airflow, which again serves to reduce temperature and fan noise.

In terms of graphics cards, users will benefit from the latest Datapath ImageDP4+. Designed for professional video projects, the ImageDP4+ is a highly scalable, advanced graphics card that operates under Windows® 10. Indeed, each system in the range of latest-generation VSNs is available with Windows® 10 to ensure optimised capability.

Datapath’s highly customisable VSN range has been developed to support its world class range of Vision capture, Image graphics and ActiveSQX decoding cards. This allows physical and IP video sources to be displayed on medium and large scale video walls. Operators have the freedom to see any source on single or multiple screen layouts.

From a reliability perspective, each VSN component has been rigorously tested to ensure high levels of performance. For added peace of mind, systems are pre-installed with Wall Monitor software, an application that warns operators if a system begins to function outside of normal parameters. For instance, alarms can be set to indicate spikes in voltage and temperature.

VSN972/1172 9 or 11 slot systems come with an Intel® Core i7 processor, 16GB of RAM and dual 240GB SSD drives as standard. The VSN1172 offers RPSU power supply, while the VSN972 is available with ATX or RPSU.

For more information please visit our VSN972/1172.