Next-generation wall controllers now available from Datapath

VSN972 Generation 2

Datapath, world-leading engineers of visual solutions, are now shipping their VSN982 and VSN1182 next-generation video wall controllers. These latest controllers, designed for applications demanding high performance and reliability, follow the introduction earlier this year of the VSN972 and VSN1172.

Established and proven in command and control room environments on any scale, VSN controllers have received a number of important upgrades that deliver greater efficiency than the previous-generation product. With more power, improved cooling and quieter than ever before, the scalability of the controllers makes them suitable for a wide variety of markets, including; security, military, utilities, airport and traffic management.

The new VSN series features switched fabric technology which ensures that each Gen3 PCIe slot in the backplane can deliver high-resolution bandwidth from a range of capture cards to multiple outputs. Datapath latest controllers can also be supplied with either 240GB or 480GB SSD drives that provide a much quicker, quieter performance over traditional hard-disk drives. Modifications to the chassis design also help improve airflow, which again serves to reduce temperature, fan noise and ensure rock-solid reliability.

Ben Dale, Product Manager for Datapath, said: “These latest additions to our VSN series mean these powerful and versatile controllers can run at optimum efficiency with no cooling concerns – important to a stable, reliable system and vital in 24/7 command and control environments.”

The VSN982 is available now as a 9-slot system, with the VSN1182 as an 11-slot system – both with a powerful single Xeon processor, 32GB of RAM, dual SSD drives and an RPSU power supply.