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WallControl 10 Web API

Datapath is always looking at improving ways to meet the needs of our partners and customers. We want to facilitate innovation by streamlining processes to serve our customers even better.

That is why Datapath has made available the WallControl 10 Web API. Allowing our partners and customers to adapt the video wall management software for their bespoke requirements.

The WallControl 10 API is available from version 1.11. It enables development of applications that directly control all aspects of the wall.

There are two parts of the WallControl 10 system that have APIs:

  • Server – The server API allows for management of walls, such as starting/stopping walls, creating walls, etc.
  • Wall Server – The wall server API allows for manipulation of content on the wall, source management, opening/closing layouts, etc. There is one Wall Server (on a unique port) for each running wall.

WallControl 10 Web API

Interested parties are invited to contact Datapath sales to discuss the acquisition of Datapath Systems and WallControl 10 licenses for development purposes.

For commercial applications, Datapath will offer two license types:

  • WallControl 10 Pro – Server Only
  • WallControl 10 Standard – Server Only

These licenses will allow the Web API to communicate but disables support for the WallControl 10 client interface.

To discuss commercial opportunities, our Sales team will be glad to help: