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Datapath has a large network of distributors and resellers across the World.

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+44 (0)1332 294 441

At Datapath, we want to ensure that you have the right knowledge to set up and operate our systems and can confidently advise customers of the correct requirements for them.

We offer training at all levels, from basic to advanced. We also offer bespoke training programs to meet the needs of you and your teams.

Aetria On-site Training

Aetria On-site Training Avixa

This two-day training course covers all the hardware and software components of Aetria and shows how they can be used together to meet the unique requirement of a project. With hands-on experience working through practical examples, attendees are guided through Aetria’s complete structured approach, learning how to design, manage and operate easier than ever before.

Datapath VSN System

Our course, How to Set Up and Troubleshoot a Datapath VSN System, can be completed either on-site or remotely with an approved Datapath Trainer. Learn more about the course below.

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