Express9 & 9-G3

Express9-G3Express9 & 9-G3 Backplanes

Nine PCI Express slots

One SBC slot

Switch fabric with 192 Gb/s peak systems bandwidth

Daisy chain multiple backplanes for large system configurations

Express9 backplanes

The Datapath Express9 backplanes use advanced PCI Express switches to create a high bandwidth fabric that connects up to nine PCI Express plug-in cards into a host system.

The host can take the form of a Single Board Computer (SBC) which connects directly into the PICMG 1.3 system board slot of the Express9, creating a stand-alone 9 slot PC system. Alternatively a remote host can be connected into the Express9 backplane using Datapath's HLink-G3 and SLink-G3 products, transforming the Express9 into a 9 slot expansion backplane. Using multiple Express9 backplanes configured in expansion mode allows the construction of very large systems (up to 41 slots).

The Express9 backplanes provide nine 16-lane physical connectors, eight of which are electrically configured as 4-lane slots, and one of 8-lanes (slot 1). The eight lane slot can be used normally, or can accept a Datapath HLink-G3 board to extend the PCI Express bus, over eight lanes, onto a subsequent Express9 expansion board.

The Datapath Express9 uses PCIe 2.0 (Gen2) switching technology. The peak bandwidth available from the PICMG and slot 1 is 4 GB/s and the peak bandwidth from slots two to nine is 2 GB/s. The PICMG and the nine slots are all operating in bi-directional mode.

Express9 backplanes

The Datapath Express9-G3 uses PCIe 3.0 (Gen3) switches to boost the data bandwidths to 4 GB/s and 8 GB/s respectively. Even when the Express9-G3 is expected to be used with plug in cards that are only Gen1 or Gen2 rated, the additional bandwidth can still be used to provide a peak bidirectional bandwidth between backplanes of 8 GB/s (using the HLink-G3 and SLink-G3 board pair). When used in this way as part of a multi-chassis data wall system, for example, this link bandwidth eliminates the bottleneck between capture cards in one chassis and display cards in another chassis. As a guide, the 8GB/s bandwidth can handle approximately 14 full HD streams at 60 Hz and 32 bits per pixel in either direction.


Connecting multiple Express9 backplanes:

Connecting multiple Express9 backplanes

Key Qualities of the Express 9 & the Express9-G3:

  • Nine slot PCI Express backplane – 8 x 4 lane slots plus 1 x 8 lane slot
  • One PICMG 1.3 SBC slot
  • Compatible with a standard 4U IPC chassis
  • Support for daisy chaining multiple backplanes


Express 9:

  • Supports 4 GB/s full duplex links between backplanes using HLink-G3 and SLink-G3
  • 48 lane PCIe 2.0 switch (5.0 Gb/s per lane)



  • Supports 8 GB/s full duplex links between backplanes using HLink-G3 and SLink-G3
  • 48 lane PCIe 3.0 switch

Specification of the Express9 & the Express9-G3:

Max Power (without SBC) 5W (Express9)
8W (Express9-G3)
Power Requirements Max current at +3.3V – 0.5A
Max current at +5V – 1.0A (1.5A for Express9-G3)
Form Factor ATX & PICMG mount compatible
Card Slots PCIMG1.3 Host SBC interface
1 x PCIe (x8) expansion slot
8 x PCIe (x4) expansion slots
PSU Connections 4 x 24 pin ATX power connectors (Express9)
2 x 24 pin ATX power connectors (Express9-G3)
1 x 8 pin 12V AUX power input
1 x 8 pin
12V AUX power output local to SBC
(Express9-G3 provides voltage monitoring of all rails)
I/O Connections 2 x ports SATA 2 (from SBC via PICMG slot)
2 x ports USB 2.0 (from SBC via PICMG slot)
3 x 4-pin Fan headers (temp controlled)
Operating Temperature 0 to 35 °C/ 32 to 95 °F
Storage Temperature -20 to 70 °C/ -4 to 158 °F
Relative Humidity 5% to 90% non-condensing


We are continuously developing the technology used within our product ranges delivering outstanding innovative solutions, therefore the specification may change from time to time.

Models Available of the Express9 & the Express9-G3:

ProductName/Order Code Description
Express9 9 slot PCI Express Gen.2 Expansion backplane PCIe 2.0 switch
Express9-G3 9 slot PCI Express Gen.3 Expansion backplane PCIe 3.0 switch


Your packing box should contain the following items:

  • An Express9 or Express9-G3 expansion backplane


All products are shipped with the latest software available, unless stated otherwise. Special requirements may be organised by contacting our Sales team.

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ExCable Cable for expansion (*EOL)
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ExCable-G3 Copper cable Gen.3

*End of life: These products are being gradually phased out and replaced by the Gen.3 products. For further information please contact our sales department.

Download, Applications and Drivers:

Applications & Drivers

Downloads for the Express9 backplane

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