WallControl 10

WallControl 10 Software – Intuitive functionality, user rights management and MultiWall capabilities

Datapath is pleased to announce the launch of our latest wall control software, WallControl 10.

Available as a demonstration, standard or professional version, WallControl 10 offers an intuitive experience with drag and drop functionality, and the ability to quickly select and place multiple media elements.

Through the use of WallControl 10 Pro, complex MultiWall configurations can be managed from a single VSN wall controller system. The software boasts:

MultiWall capabilities 

Multiple walls can be easily set up using the wall creator wizard, allowing a single administrator to have full visibility of all walls through the tabbed interface.

User rights management

Individual users can be granted limited access to specific layouts or sources through assigned roles on their Windows log in.

Template editor

Another great feature of WallControl 10 is the simple template editor.

Templates can be dragged and dropped into place, with the ability to nest one inside the other. Custom templates are easy to produce and save, allowing complex layouts to be constructed at great speed.

Available languages

The software is currently available in English, Chinese, French, Japanese, Portuguese (Brazilian) and Spanish.

Versions available:

WallControl 10 Demo

A free version for demonstration purposes. This version does not provide the ability to save layouts and is restricted to eight IP decodes.

WallControl 10 Standard

The standard version of WallControl 10 provides an excellent user experience for managing single video walls.

Features include:

  • Drag and drop functionality
  • Intuitive platform design
  • Customisation options
  • Tick and drag for fast carousel creation
  • Ability to mix content types within a carousel
  • PDF as an acceptable content type
  • Ability to add a time buffer to video content (e.g. begin at +10s)
  • Simple template editor (with ability to create a template within a template)

WallControl 10 Pro

WallControl 10 Pro provides users will all of the features of the standard version, with the added value of MultiWall and user rights management.

Features solely for WallControl 10 Pro include:

  • Management of multiple video walls through a single VSN wall controller system
  • Option for a single admin user to have full control of all video walls
  • Ability to view multiple walls from a single screen through a tabbed user interface
  • Creation of secure work spaces with a Windows log in
  • Ability to manage user rights for:
    • connected clients
    • walls
    • layouts

Example user scenarios might include a single controller powering an in reception video wall and a set of screens in a security office or board room, or a complex command and control environment.