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What is a Capture Card?

A capture card’s primary function is to capture video and associated audio signals from external devices for use or processing within the host system. 
Ranging from full 4K60 capture over HDMI, to legacy analogue signals, Datapath have a capture card to meet all requirements.

All Datapath capture cards support multiple capture channels with multiple cards per system, which enables large systems with many sources to be created for use in large video wall systems.

Capture Card LP - Range

Datapath’s Capture Cards Range

Ranging from full 4K60, 4:4:4 capture to analogue DVI, Datapath have a capture card available for professional applications that require high performance, real time video capture with synchronized audio.

Users of our capture cards will find support for multiple capture channels and multiple cards in a single system, enabling large systems with many sources to be captured for large video wall applications.

Our Capture Cards are ideally suited for a variety of sectors such as command and control, medical, live events, broadcast, lecture capture, and live streaming.

Capture Card LP - Solution

A Solution To Meet Your Needs

With requirements for high quality capture cards increasing and market demands continuously changing, Datapath have a track record of responding by offering innovative products to meet market expectations.

We have developed a sizable portfolio of capture cards. Whether you are looking for a video capture solution for direct capture, streaming or recording we have a solution to suit your needs.


Capture Card Product Range

Capture Card Products

Vision Technology Features

Vision Technology Features